Валентина (uchitelj) wrote in ornament_i_stil,

Сундук ореховый. Франция, начало 16 в.

Оригинал взят у kentauris в Береги Chest смолоду...
Сундук ореховый. Франция, начало 16 века.
Кто-то сберёг и теперь продаёт за 8000 евро...

A French renaissance walnut chest, showing two couples in medieval dress, each under an arch, with a centaur playing a flute in the center arch under a lock plate.  The front of this chest is from the early 16th century, and was later re-attached to another walnut chest of around the same time. The lock is from a credence of about the same time period, but was recently attached to this chest.  The value of this chest is in the carved front piece, which is a rare and magnificent piece of renaissance art.

Width 64", height 27", depth 24".

Tags: XVI в., Франция, мебель, перепост, ренессанс, сундуки
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