Валентина (uchitelj) wrote in ornament_i_stil,

Ампула пилигримов, Италия

Оригинал взят у kardiologn в Кувшин
Pilgrim flask on hollow foot into which are cut two rectangular slots, one at each end. The sides have two pairs of horns in which curl up to a pair of grotesque satyr masks, each with two horns which form the handles of the flask. The stopper screws into the neck and has a flange and a finial. Earthenware covered on the exterior with a presumed tin-glaze. Painted with grotesques and two roundels with a male cameo head on one side and a female on the other.
Date1560-1590 (circa). Production placeMade in: Urbino. British Museum.

аналог  из музея Метрополитен
Pilgrim flask with stopper, 1581
Antoine Sigalon (French, 1524–1590)
Tin-glazed earthenware
Tags: -Британский музей, XVI в., Италия, гротеск, майолика, перепост, посуда
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