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Шпалеры и вышивки XIV-XVII вв.

Оригинал взят у kardiologn в Старинные вышивки

Fragment of a Tapestry or Wall Hanging
Date: ca. 1420–30 Geography: Made in, Basel, Switzerland Culture: Upper Rhenish Medium: Tapestry weave: wool on linen

Embroidery Fragment
Date: 14th century Culture: Swiss Medium: Silk embroidery on linen plain weavе

Two Scenes from "Der Busant" (The Buzzard)
Date: 1480–90 Geography: Made in, Strasbourg, Alsace, present-day France Culture: Upper Rhenish Medium: Linen warp; wool, silk, linen, cotton, and metallic weft

Adam and Eve Making Garments of Leaves; God Admonishing Adam and Eve for their Transgression
Date: late 16th century Culture: Scottish or English Medium: Canvas worked with wool, silk, and metal thread; chain, split, tent, and straight stitches; applique of woven silk textiles; metal thread braid

Pouch (Forel)
Date: 14th century Culture: French Medium: Silk and metal thread on canvas.

Altar Cloth or Podea
Date: late 14th century Geography: Made in, probably Greece or Constantinople Culture: Byzantine Medium: Silk, embroidery

Date: 16th century Culture: Spanish or Sicilian Medium: Silk on line

Date: 17th century Culture: Italian or Greek Medium: Silk

Date: 17th century Culture: Italian, Sicily

Fantastical birds against a red ground
Date: 16th century Culture: Italian or Spanish Medium: Silk and metal-wrapped thread on velvet

Tags: вышивка, ковры, перепост, текстиль
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