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Оригинал взят у kardiologn в Кровать

about 1800–1805 
Thomas Hope (1769–1831) 
Oak and pine veneered with mahogany and painted black, patinated bronze mounts. 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This bed is among the most original pieces of English Regency furniture. Dominant in English interiors from about 1800 to 1830, the Regency style perpetuated the classical taste of the late eighteenth century but was more academic and archaeologically correct. This bed closely resembles furnishings designed by Thomas Hope - collector, connoisseur, and a pivotal figure in the classical revival of Regency England - for one of his residences. Its architectural form and bronze mounts derive from ancient and Renaissance models, The greyhounds, however are inspired by medieval tomb sculpture and exemplify the more romantic interpretation of historical sources characteristic of Hope's influential furniture designs. The bed may have been used for resting - a day bed - or for sleeping. The modern upholstery recreates elaborate examples in Rudolf Ackermann's The Repository of the Arts, as influential periodical during the Regency period.

Tags: XIXв., кровати, перепост
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